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The biggest problem facing
e-commerce sites

Online conversion rates are dismal — with an average of fewer than two out of every 100 online shoppers making a purchase, according to Shop.org.

An expensive and more-often-than-not inefficient way of fixing this evergreen problem is to drive more traffic to your site. This might lead to an overall increase in sales. But this will be at considerable cost and you will still have a static, low conversion rate. Why? Because while you may attract more visitors to your site, your website copy is not doing its job — that is, it is failing to engage your visitors and move them along a systematic, professional selling process to ultimately convert them into paying customers.

So what is the best way to claw back reader confidence and lost sales?

Contrary to having a major website overhaul, the most efficient way to increase conversions is to make changes to the copy on only those pages with high reject rates, such as specific product pages, and shopping cart and checkout pages. Often, all you need are tiny, incremental changes to such pages to make a big impact.

Copywriters who understand e-commerce and how to carefully optimise websites can deliver concise, enthusiastic copy that inspires confidence in your visitors and puts a plug in your leaky online bucket. The results are more conversions and sales (and ultimately increased profits) ... all while enhancing your search engine rankings.

By buying in the services of Kingfisher Copy when you need them, you'll not only attract new business, you will get to spend your time doing what YOU do best.

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