`"Use her [Tracey of Kingfisher Copy] — you won't regret it..."

Creating copy that converts for e-commerce, mail order & multi-channel retailers

How we work

(six (and a half) steps to copy that gets results)

You tell us what you would like us to work on and by when, as well as what IS working and what isn't working (a specific product page, for example).

We'll send you a short specifically tailored questionnaire to complete and return by email. This is essentially a more in-depth conversation about what’s required and the scope of the work (basic example: re-write the checkout page to increase conversion rates and optimise the following four Google keywords and phrases).

Then we give you an all-inclusive, VAT-free, written quotation, which will include our terms of business and legal stuff. Dull, but apparently necessary.

You think "great! When can you start?" and send us an email accepting our quote. And then you pay a deposit to secure your slot on our copywriting job board.

The Kingfisher Copy heads get together to carry out initial research and explore a number of ideas, narrowing these down to the one that will be most successful. If necessary, we have a more in-depth chat with you about your copy requirements (to analyse your target audience and Google analytics, for example).

We then submit a first draft to you as an MS Word document. At which point, you say, "This is perfect! When can you start on...?" Or...

...You provide written feedback (such as, "Please tweak the third paragraph a bit so that..." or "Please remove this and this..."). We then develop and deliver the copywriting within your agreed deadline that matches your requirements, fulfils your objectives and brings value to your company.

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    the Right words can make all the difference 

    Most businesses lose at least 90% of their potential buyers through their own website. Here's how copywriting can translate into more conversions...

    SECURE those tricky marginal sales

    • A professional, swift service was provided from the outset. The copy that was written added the sparkle necessary to target those tricky marginal sales! All copy followed exactly to the brief provided and a lot of time was clearly invested in the preparation of the work. A perfect all-round package.

    Tom Redpath - BuyaGift LtdThank you for showing such insight and grasping the essence of what we're about. Your style is absolutely spot on for our brand."