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Response-pulling copy example 

The copy on the right will sell more than
most copy blocks — here's why...

The copy block to the right is easy to read and involves its audience from the outset, approaching them as an individual rather than a mere consumer. It's pure benefit, steering well away from chest-thumping braggadocio. It's intriguing, too, pulling in the reader bit by bit. The no-nonsense copy clearly points out the benefits of buying and owning the product being described, giving plenty of reasons to buy. It appeals to the reader's hot buttons and emotions, as well as logical side.

Straight, hard facts or 'generic boilerplate copy' and nondescript rhetoric tend to lack personality and, worse, may not sell as powerfully as this copy does.

Of course, the best product descriptions are those that somehow manage to convince the reader to buy something they didn't think they wanted or needed when they clicked on web link or picked up the catalogue. 

(Which is Precisely Why Your Floors Will LOVE The DirtGrab)

You'll never come across another doormat like The DirtGrab. It's different from the rest. For starters, its 100% nitrile rubber backing means it stays put. So no more slipping and sliding about. It won't curl, crack or fall apart, either. Second, you can pop it in any washing machine at any temperature, and it won't compromise on performance or looks. In fact, The DirtGrab gets better the more you wash it. And third (and most of all), the discreet flexible scrapers clean your footwear's soles AND sides, where so much hidden mud and dirt is normally transported into your home. Open your door to The DirtGrab  — your floors and carpets will thank you for it. Try it for yourself with our 30-day money-back guarantee. Choose slate, linen, forest or graphic muted-brights striped (61 x 39cm / 24" x 15½") #DS147 The DirtGrab £19.95

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