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Creating copy that converts for e-commerce, mail order & multi-channel retailers

What we can do for you

We take your brief, get under the skin of your brand and then produce suitable, compelling words. Our words can motivate your readers to pick up the telephone to find out more or hit the 'buy' button.

Flexibility and quality are key here. So whether you need to hire a writer on a regular basis, or you have a one-off project, we're ready when you are.

E-commerce sites and catalogues 

We specialise in writing hard-hitting copy for e-commerce websites and home-shopping catalogues. The copywriting techniques we employ push the emotional and psychological hot-buttons to stimulate your target audience's buying impulse. Our knowledge of these techniques can help make your company grow, by making your copy sparkle and thereby increasing sales and ultimately strengthening your bottom line.

Product descriptions tend to be formulaic and lifeless. They consist of basic product information which bores prospective customers and loses sales. Our words do the opposite. They awaken the reader's senses ... and turn browsers into buyers.

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SEO copywriting

Every website needs a constant stream of traffic. But simply littering your website pages with keywords and phrases won't guarantee any new customers. It's one thing achieving a high page ranking on search engines such as Google. It's another thing entirely getting people to buy once they have clicked onto your website. That's where Kingfisher Copy comes in. Our SEO (search engine optimisation) copywriting seamlessly blends keywords into your website copy so that it reads intelligibly. It also helps you attract higher search-engine rankings and web traffic. On top of this our direct-response copywriting entices the reader to act — to buy a product

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Let Kingfisher Copy deal with all your SEO copywriting needs

Re-writing draft copy & re-energising dull, tired copy

If you feel you’re ready to run a promotion or web-marketing campaign, but you don’t feel it’s quite right ... or you’re getting a poor response from existing copy, then consider our re-writing services. Our wordsmithing helps engage prospective customers and generate sales, which can push your conversion and response rates through the roof. Furthermore, a trained eye will spot seemingly irrelevant tiny details that threaten to damage your marketing objectives.

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Tweaking existing copy to make it stronger

Sometimes, all a website or marketing piece needs are small, incremental changes to bring about considerable improvements in response rates and profits.  Tweaking certain critical elements such as adding a new headline, re-phrasing a paragraph or condensing 'wordy' text can translate into more appealing copy that works harder and increases sales.

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Now that you have the overview of Kingfisher Copy's services, learn about the biggest problem facing e-commerce sites. Alternatively, see the difference good copywriting makes. And if you are ready to get started, then simply get in touch for your no-obligation quotation. We can't wait to hear about your business needs, and to talk about how we can work together to help you attain them.

the Right words can make all the difference 

Most businesses lose at least 90% of their potential buyers through their own website. Here's how copywriting can translate into more conversions...

SECURE those tricky marginal sales

  • A professional, swift service was provided from the outset. The copy that was written added the sparkle necessary to target those tricky marginal sales! All copy followed exactly to the brief provided and a lot of time was clearly invested in the preparation of the work. A perfect all-round package.

Tom Redpath — BuyaGift LtdThank you for showing such insight and grasping the essence of what we're about. Your style is absolutely spot on for our brand."