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Inside the curious mind of
Tracey Dooley...

Main language:

EnglishTracey Dooley - Founder, MD & Chief Copywriter at

Other languages:
French  (once fluent; now a little on the rusty side, but can still swifly order a drink!)
Zulu (I kid you not — although it has been a while...)
Text speak (well, it IS becoming a language in its own right)

What makes you laugh?
Seeing or hearing something funny. :-) Other people laughing - especially when it's uncontrollable. Embarrassing or awkward moments. My own silliness at times. Good mates. Quirky people. Mock the Week. The Office. Fawlty Towers. Being tickled. My dog. Alistair Darling's eyebrows. Yup, most things fun or just plain weird.

While not directly related to the industry, I do admire the life and work of Audrey Hepburn. To many, she was the epitome of elegance, poise and beauty. She seemed almost effortlessly sophisticated and charming. And she personified the spirit of a more civilised age -  where grace and honesty were considered to be virtues. There was something almost angelic about her. Some kind of light from within that radiated and touched so many people. Not least the children in need she so selflessly looked out for in her role as ambassador of UNICEF.

Five words to describe your character:
Enthusiastic, hard-working, friendly, daring and determined.

What do you enjoy the most about life?
Freedom. Travelling and discovering new ways of living, thinking, eating, doing. Spending time with friends and family. Chocolate, all types but the darker the better. Inspiring dialogue. Reading a good book. Escapism through a good film. My partner Tony. My dog. Horses. Hope.

Where do you look for inspiration?
I believe that forward thinking, self-development and a willingness to view life/work/society/everything from an alternative perspective are fundamental to creative fulfilment and bringing fresh ideas to life.

Sometimes, it's simply a question of trying to get those "roundabout" thoughts out of my head and onto paper. Seeing challenges in black and white somehow offers clarity and calms the mind. Well, it does for me, anyway!

And if that fails, there's nothing better than pulling on my trainers, rounding up my dog and heading for a lovely long walk on the beach, in the local park, through the woods - anywhere close to nature, where you can quite literally "ground" yourself. That's when I often come up with my best headlines or marketing ideas for my clients.

Most valued brand:
Cafédirect, for its ethical, values-driven strategy and commitment to fair trade. The BBC for its reputation around the world as a consistent, accurate and reliable source of news reporting. And, last but by no means least, Green & Black's for its damn fine organic chocolate (Lindt comes a very close second).

What has been your most valued professional achievement?
Good question. To be still working. No, seriously, getting published is perhaps my most valued professional achievement. This was well before I did a postgraduate degree in journalism. It was something I believed I could do, but I didn't know how until I tried. Then when I got published in a national newspaper, I felt like I had successfully started my journey down the often rocky and uncertain road of freelance writing.

With regards to copywriting, receiving a referral from a happy client - "I hear you've done some great work," means so much to me both personally and in terms of business good fortune. That, and overcoming the sheer terror of leaving a successful freelance life to launch my first business in the first place.

Another achievement is being able to contribute to knowledge, understanding and learning through my role as a writer and editor. And get paid for it!

And finally, achieving the goals and dreams I have set for myself. This one's ongoing, but I'm doing just fine so far...

Turns particularly pleasant when...
...indulging in tea and cake. Naturally.

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